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Options On The Guitar Guitarists often learn chords by reading “box” diagrams. If you’ve ever had a lesson in your life (or even if you haven’t) you’re probably familiar with these: essentially a drawing of the guitar neck held vertically, with six vertical lines representing the strings and horizontal lines representing the frets. Fingers are[…]

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songwriter guitar

Groove Writing Duke Ellington famously wrote “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”. Swing is not a term we hear a lot in modern music, but we do hear proof of what the Duke meant every day. If you listen to musicians talk to each other, you might hear them use[…]

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New Website, KCP

By: Susan Tucker The time finally arrived for our website to get a facelift. We’re very excited by it and have throughly enjoyed working with Kayla Spelling to make it happen! Many thanks Kayla! The improvements will make it easier for us to share tips, tools and inspiration. It’ll be so great having our blog[…]

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