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Are you giving your best performance? You hear artists say, “Man, I live for that hour on stage!” Or “The audience fires me up; I play off of their energy.” Or “I come alive when I step onto that stage!” What comes first though, audience energy or artist energy? Giving your best performance. If you[…]

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songwriter guitar

Groove Writing Duke Ellington famously wrote “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”. Swing is not a term we hear a lot in modern music, but we do hear proof of what the Duke meant every day. If you listen to musicians talk to each other, you might hear them use[…]

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Recording Artist

Artist Who are you? This is the most important question an artist has to answer! What is your image? What is your sound? What is your market? Who is your audience? What does your audience want and need from you? Who are you? This is a question that record labels used to help artists find[…]

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